Izelda Pesler

Osteopathic Therapy

M Ost. BSc (Human Biology). Dip N.

Heather, a registered nurse, was inspired to become an osteopath after experiencing the benefits of osteopathic therapy herself:

"As a nurse I experienced the usual aches and pains that arise from strenuous work and became interested in helping myself and others to keep fit for work (and life in general). I trained as a massage therapist and taught a yoga/stretch class, and then I discovered osteopathy which provided me with diagnostic and problem solving skills necessary to be really effective.“

A graduate of the Unitec NZ Master’s of osteopathy degree, Heather worked in clinics in West Auckland and Hamilton before joining East Auckland Osteopathy in April 2013, subsequently taking ownership of the business in June 2014.

Heather uses a range of osteopathic techniques to relieve pain, discomfort and stiffness with the aim to optimise physical ability and well-being of the recipient. 

Heather can generate an ACC claim for anyone who has had an accident. No need for referral by GP

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Hours of operation: to 5.00pm. 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Private Consultation $95

ACC $55

Phone: 022 622 7036