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Jason Jackson

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Sports & Therapeutic Massage

PACT Reg - Dip.Cranio, Dip Sports/Therapeutic masssage

Biodynamic craniosacral is gentle; It allows for more self healing,

awareness and growth

Listening and creating safety are the greatest skills a Biodynamic craniosacral therapist has, with a non intrusive method of allowing the body to heal, break free from pain and grow.

People who have had Biodynamic CST treatments often make the following comments about how they feel after sessions:

  • The original health problem or injury has improved

  • There are improvements in other health issues

  • More energy; feeling recharged and vitalised

  • Sleeping better

  • Better overall health

  • Feeling more relaxed and calm

  • A stronger sense of self

  • Improved body awareness

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy allows a connection to the foundational ordering forces within the body. This leads to a deep reordering of the client’s whole system that can result not only in a change of their condition, but also a change to the body’s constitutional health. Often after a series of sessions, clients may experience a resolution of the issue they came with and the added bonus of having more energy and resilience in their body. Clients may also discover new ways of relating to themselves and others, a clarity about the direction in their life and a movement away from old patterns. Many people report feeling less stressed, calmer and more relaxed as a result of treatment.


As a tutor in Bodily Intelligence training & teaching this therapy around the world. I have seen Biodynamic Craniosacral grow with the changing world; strengthening how we we cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with life's challenges. Using the memories of our past as a resource, not  curse.

Specialist areas include

  • Trauma and chronic pain relief.

  • Babies and children - pediatrics specialist

  • Therapeutic and sports massage.


Join me today - I would like to hear your story and support you in a journey of healing and health!


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Infants: $70

Young Adults: $70

Adults (18+): $90

Phone: 021 526 277