Rhythmic Resourcing

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Using bio-rhythm to support clients and help them to re-engage with their bodies.

Trauma can leave clients feeling out of synch with their bodies. The body becomes a foreign concept and does not feel like it belongs with them any more.  Through the use of rhythm and vibration, reinforced with touch clients are able to develop skills to self-soothe and to re-engage with their body, reclaiming it for themselves. 

In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in exercises developed to reconnect with their own heart-beat rhythm. You will be able to apply these techniques with clients immediately, and discover how you can resource your clients through rhythmic pulse exercises that help regulate a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system.  You will also discover techniques you can use with clients to help them non-verbally externalise their narrative while building social engagement. 

We will discover:

  • Neuroscience behind rhythm as a healing tool

  • How rhythm and pulse affect brain activity

  • Exploring found-object instruments

  • Regulatory tools to use to assist client to up/down regulate and increase distress tolerance

  • Graphic notation and externalisation

Your Presenter: Lisa Ooi

Lisa has been working in a range of educational and therapeutic settings since 2005. She has developed her understanding of trauma to specialise in working with adolescents and young people who have experienced sexual violence and other interpersonal trauma.
Lisa has a strong background in music having initially developed her love of woodwind intruments and composition before moving on to percussion. She has played the Japanese Taiko drums in performance teams in Auckland over the last 8 years and recently joined Kra KoTo Kra, an African druming performance group. 
As a highly creative and intuitive therapist, Lisa is able to personalise an approach for clients to help them develop an understanding of trauma through a mix of psychoeducation and somatic expressive therapeutic methods. She is looking forward to sharing some of her adaptive approaches with you.



Workshops are $160/workshop (with an additional $30 for training materials for An Approach to Working Somatically with Trauma workshop)

If you would like to attend both workshops, a discounted rate of $150 (plus $30 for training materials) is offered.

​Our evening presentation is $20 to attend.

Tauranga - Saturday 10 July
Gisborne - Wednesday 14 July
Napier/Hastings - Saturday 17 July
Palmerston North - Wednesday 21 July
Wellington - Saturday 24 July
Whanganui - Monday 26 July
Rotorua - Saturday 31 July
Taupo - Thursday 29 July

Auckland - Saturday 7 August

Whangarei - Saturday 14 August