Greenhill Courses
In 2019 The Greenhill Clinic will be launching a range of groups and workshops which will cover a range of mental health issues but also provide information, education and support for our community.We will also be running specifically designed therapy groups, these will be led by one of our professional team members in our specifically designated group/workshop space. No referral is required.


2019 Courses

Stress Less - Mindfulness Course

In our fast paced and overloaded world, most people want to create better results in their job, their health and their personal life but not at the cost of increasing their stress levels. 

Many are reporting that their stress is at an all time high (as reflected in our society with the rise in depression and anxiety rates). More than 50% of us experience poor sleeping patterns; and 1 in 5 of us are already being treated for anxiety or depression.

Mindfulness helps us increase our resourcefulness, productivity, and resilience whilst teaching us to manage negative stress. Through a simple, scientifically proven process, mindfulness helps us to quieten minds, find our own inner compass and stop taking that little voice in our head so seriously. The approach is now being used all over the world by high achievers in business, sport and education to help them achieve more, but with less effort. If the All Blacks are using Mindfulness to improve their performance under pressure, shouldn't you consider it too?

Mindfulness helps us to:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression​

  • Improve connection, relationships and alleviate conflict

  • Stay poised under pressure

  • Develop better health and wellbeing practices

  • Increase memory and decision making processes

  • Improve quality of sleep patterns

  • Clear and proven strategies for managing stress

  • Build a better work / life balance

Introducing John Shackleton:

For the last 30 years, John has been a trainer to the business world. Combining his background in Sports Psychology, mindfulness and relatable sense of humor to coach world champions, Olympians, and top performers in business. Now, he is helping all of us to achieve our goals whilst reducing stress levels. 

Stress less

This is a unique opportunity brought to you by the Greenhill Clinic, where our aim is to provide our community with wrap around and affordable services for not only your mental health, but your physical wellbeing, too. 

Only $99 for three consecutive weekly sessions. Running from 6:30 - 7:30, starting Wednesday October 2.

Held on site at The Greenhill Clinic, 253 Pakuranga Road, Auckland.