An approach to working somatically with trauma

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Trauma is stored in the body and it is understandable that in order to process the ongoing effects of trauma, an integrated body/brain approach is necessary. It can be difficult to make sense of trauma for clients and help them shift through the stages of trauma-focused therapy.
In this experiential workshop, participants will develop their understanding of trauma and enhance how they work with clients who have experienced trauma. The practical and interactive workshop offers a range of awareness and sensory modulation tools to aid in the development of introspective intelligence, resilience, emotional processing skills and safe grounding when working with people who have experienced trauma.
Participants will take home skills and resources they can immediately start to use, and the ability to co-construct a
coping kete with clients.
We will discover:

  • Understanding trauma from a polyvagal response

  • Trauma in a world affected by Covid-19

  • Tools to explain effects of trauma simply to clients

  • Grounding strategies to use with clients (including):

    • Breathwork

    • Calming bottle (make and take)

    • Sensory toolkit

Your Presenter: Lisa Ooi

Lisa has been working in a range of educational and therapeutic settings since 2005. She has developed her understanding of trauma to specialise in working with adolescents and young people who have experienced sexual violence and other interpersonal trauma.

As a highly creative and intuitive therapist, Lisa is able to personalise an approach for clients to help them develop an understanding of trauma through a mix of psychoeducation and somatic expressive therapeutic methods. She is looking forward to sharing some of her adaptive approaches with you.



Workshops are $160/workshop (with an additional $30 for training materials for An Approach to Working Somatically with Trauma workshop)

If you would like to attend both workshops, a discounted rate of $150 (plus $30 for training materials) is offered.

​Our evening presentation is $20 to attend.

Tauranga - Saturday 10 July
Gisborne - Wednesday 14 July
Napier/Hastings - Saturday 17 July
Palmerston North - Wednesday 21 July
Wellington - Saturday 24 July
Whanganui - Monday 26 July

Taupo - Thursday 29 July

Rotorua - Saturday 31 July

Auckland - Saturday 7 August

Whangarei - Saturday 14 August